Enriched through a proud history of advocacy, Merit Nova Scotia continues to pave the way for open shop contractors in Nova Scotia. For more than 20 years, Merit Nova Scotia has served small and medium-sized open shop contractors seeking fair opportunities to compete and do business in Nova Scotia. Our members are “glass half full” businesspeople that work with Merit Nova Scotia to better support open shop contractors and their employees. Today, the construction industry in Nova Scotia is represented by almost 75 per cent open shop. That is approximately 25,000 workers. Merit’s growing membership consists of 120 companies in Nova Scotia and approximately 3,800 companies across Canada. We represent over 1,300 employees in Nova Scotia and approximately 70,000 nationally in many different segments of the construction industry. Companies vary in size, type and scope of projects that they pursue.

So what does the “open shop” mean?

The open shop simply means “a place of employment at which one is not required to join or financially support a union (closed shop) as a condition of hiring or continued employment.” In other words, Merit Nova Scotia members believe in supporting their employees with good wages, training and excellent health and dental benefits without belonging to a union.

Much like the building trades unions who believe in collectively organizing, our members believe they have the freedom of choice. The choice to hire and invest in their employees; the choice to provide fair wages and benefits; and the choice to bid on projects and deliver quality craftsmanship to every job they perform. Merit Nova Scotia is proud to be Nova Scotia’s leading authority on open shop matters.

At Merit Nova Scotia, we believe in a policy of “respectful advocacy”, meaning we will always build relationships with government, industry partners, media, and our members to better represent the challenges you face every day.

We are Stronger Together. Join Merit Nova Scotia today!

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