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There are many benefits to being a Merit Nova Scotia member, including, but not limited to, an industry recognized group benefit plan, expertise on legislative and certification issues, advocacy, training, and a strong network of employers and employees working together.  We are often asked why companies should join Merit Nova Scotia. Because we are:

1) Knowledge Leaders: we understand the open shop better than anyone in Nova Scotia and are now building extensive training and networking opportunities for our members.

2) Advisors: we provide advice on regulatory and legislative changes that impact your business.

3) Family Supporters: we provide the best family medical and dental benefit plan tailored for the construction industry. Skilled tradespeople seek companies that are registered with the Merit Benefit Plan.

4) Market Associates: we belong to a global network of labour market providers, industry specialists, and researchers.

5) Relationship Builders: we believe in leveraging the power of learning through and connecting others to industry resources, initiatives and projects.

“Being a Merit Contractor has enabled us to provide employees with a more appealing workplace through their Medical Benefit Plan and Retirement Planning opportunities. We also value the voice that Merit provides us in the industry. This is important to a small business like us.” – Newman Electric


Our job at the end of the day is to help you improve your business by being a better, stronger and more engaging association. We offer two membership options for prospective members:

Hour Bank/Office Supervisory Benefit Member:

Merit provides its members’ employees with a comprehensive and affordable medical, dental and insurance program. Administered by Mercon Benefit Services, the program is specifically designed for people employed in the construction industry. The Hour Bank Benefit Plan is transferable between Merit member firms and allows for coverage during off-season and lay-offs. An optional program for salaried (Office/Supervisory) staff is also available. For more information, please visit: Mercon Benefits.

Associate Membership

Associate members pay a yearly fee to have access to Merit Nova Scotia’s expertise in labour relations, industry updates, and other networking opportunities with Merit members across Canada.


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