Key Legislation

No matter how you choose to interact with your elected representative, don’t forget to encourage them to support, sponsor or oppose legislation that is critical to the construction industry.

The Steen Decision: Download Full Legislation

Opposed Legislation:

Bill 100: Merit Nova Scotia opposed the passage of Bill 100, An Act to Establish a Unified Labour Board, which merged various labour boards into one Labour Management Review Committee (LMRC). The Bill also established successor rights, which guaranteed unionized civil servants’ collective agreements would follow them if their service is transferred or privatized, and oversight of the Trade Union Act by a board composed only of unionized members.  View Legislation

Bill 102: Merit Nova Scotia opposed Bill 102, An Act to Prevent Unnecessary Labour Disruptions and Protect the Economy. The Bill, also known as First Contract Arbitration, allows a third party to decide the terms and conditions that will govern the workplace, including wages, if a contract is not formalized after 120 days.

View First Contract Arbitration Legislation

An Introduction To First Contract Arbitration (via Stewart McKelvey – Lawyers, Avocats)

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